Challenging White Male Supremacy Workshop 2020

Date and Time
Sun, January 26, 2020
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST

Sierra Club
2101 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94612


Are you (or do you know) someone who benefits from white male privilege and is willing to contribute to racial, gender, and economic justice? Yes? Great! There’s room for you. We need you. But what can you do, and how? Join us for an afternoon to explore how we can show up with integrity, imagination, and our whole selves. Is there one answer, one path? Definitely (and thankfully) not! We’re not going to judge or tell you what to do. Instead, we’ll learn how we’ve gotten to the moment we’re in, and discuss ways you can leverage your position as a white man to help create a world that’s more equitable and less oppressive. Some of the pieces we’ll explore are:

  • The costs and benefits of enforced gender roles
  • White supremacy, patriarchy, and intersectionality
  • Wealth inequality and the economic pyramid
  • Some ways in which white men can take a stand for social justice

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It’s been a heavy time recently and a lot of us are energized to practice our values more visibly. That’s awesome. But let’s be real: it’s been heavy for a long time for most people who are not white men. The road has been long and will continue to be – it takes time to experiment and grow into where we each fit best. There are many questions and we won’t get to all of them (but at least we’ll have snacks). No matter your politics, or whether you’re unfamiliar with these issues or deeply connected, you’ll be welcome – especially if you’re new. C’mon, give it a shot! Bring another white guy with you. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late, to take a stand.

While this is a free event, we will be collecting donations for Sagorea Te’ Land Trust ( If you are able, we ask that bring a monetary donation.

This event is co-hosted by Sierra Club and is wheelchair accessible.

Please come to the event fragrance free – this will be a reduced-scent space. Please join us in ensuring accessibility for beloved community members with chemical injuries and chronic illness by not bringing fragrances or scents on your clothes, hair, or skin from colognes and perfumes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, “natural” products, and essential oils. Please prepare in advance by not using products with fragrance, or by using fragrance-free, non-toxic products. For more info on what this means, visit

Childcare is also available for this event. If you’d like to request childcare, please contact at least two weeks before the event.

Sign up for the workshop on eventbrite.

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