STAND with Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation

Dear Stand Community and others,

Today we’re sharing some resources recently pulled together by Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation. Here are some highlights from an email they recently sent to their network, with resources for white men and opportunities to support this work.

Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation is a growing national network that some STAND members, past and present, are organizing with, to connect folks and resource people to create groups like STAND in their communities.

From Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation:

We’re on our way to our goal of raising $5000 for the National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund. Can you join us? Contribute here! OWMCL is partnering with NDWA to provide immediate financial support to domestic workers during this crisis. The National Domestic Workers Alliance is a coalition of organizations representing overwhelmingly working-class and poor women of color, who experience many layers of oppression and are at heightened risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. All money from the Coronavirus Care Fund is given directly to workers facing economic crisis and who are frequently left out of government support programs. Please donate today and share widely!

Sports fans! We’ve all watched and listened to sports talk shows: lots of white men calling in to ask questions and voice their opinions, right? Now imagine that show, minus the toxic masculinity and “all lives matter” racial politics. Join some white guys for collective liberation to talk about sports on The Dugout, a liberatory sports “talk show” [Jun 3, 2020 03:30 PM in Pacific Time]  Register here [for the second episode. The first episode opened with a discussion of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery by white supremacist vigilantes.]

White men can simply go for a jog, while black men like Arbery risk white supremacist violence protected by the criminal justice system for “running while black” (please sign Color of Change’s #JusticeForAhmaud petition to have District Attorneys George Barnhill & Jackie Johnson REMOVED from office). Other possible topics: Is Betsy DeVos gutting Title IX (WTF)?… The Patriots drafted Justin Rohrwasser. The kicker? He’s a white supremacist… Gritty is a beloved leftist icon, but can they help smash the patriarchy? Like sports? Got thoughts? Join The Dugout!

OWMCL is committed to bringing more white men into SURJ’s sharp and strategic decarceration work. Join the SURJ COVID-19 Decarceration working group and find actions and organizing opportunities in the SURJ COVID-19 Decarceration Toolkit. Free Them All! 

Have you seen and shared the OWMCL Collective Care Guide for White Men during Time of COVID-19? And if you weren’t able to join our Mutual Aid, Community Care and Shared Interest call two weeks ago but would like to participate in future small group discussions about mutual aid and community care, please email

And join the SURJ mutual aid working group! To connect with people doing mutual aid throughout the SURJ network, please email and include your full name, email address, phone number, and location.

In Solidarity,

Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation

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