Challenging White Male Supremacy Workshop: May 2021

With the success of our first workshop we are having a follow up.

In the May workshop in our Challenging White Male Supremacy: Beyond Going Back to “Normal” 2021 series, we will be challenging the idea that a post-pandemic “return to normal” is desirable. Through reflection and discussion, we will be exploring our place in the harmful “normal” that has been: a world that centers the needs and experiences of cis, hetero, white men at the expense of everyone else. We will explore how white male supremacy shows up in our daily lives, and how interpersonal manifestations of racial and gender inequity connect to systemic forms of oppression.

This workshop will also connect you with opportunities for future work, including further organizing and actions you can take towards creating a more just world. Looking forward to having you with us!

Participation in the first workshop is not essential, and while our workshops are designed for mobilizing people who benefit from white and male privileges (e.g. white men), all are welcome to join.

Hosted by STAND Bay Area, in affiliation with OWMCL (Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation)

Please note that this workshop is being offered TWICE (it is not two parts): Thursday, May 20th, 5:30-8:00 PT -or- Sunday, May 23rd, 10am-12:30pm PT

This is a free workshop, but we will be collecting donations for social justice organizations in the Bay Area.

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